All Ireland Fleadh Results 2011

Marianne McAleer continues to carry the torch for amairgin the Gael by winning a silver medal in the Senior Lilting competition at the All Ireland Fleadh in Cavan.

Midland Regional Fleadh Results 2011

Under 12

Zoe Warton: Accompaniment (GOLD)



Sioned Murphy: Flute (GOLD)



Louis Brown: Accompaniment, Mandolin (GOLD); Trio (SILVER), Banjo, Miscellaneous (BRONZE)

Paige Woodward: Trio (SILVER)

Ivan Brown: Trio (SILVER)



Sean Keane: Fiddle (GOLD)

David Murphy: Banjo, Miscellaneous (GOLD)

Marianne McAleer: Singing in Irish, Singing in English, Lilting, Newly Compose Tune (GOLD); Newly Compose Ballad (SILVER)

Justin Brown: Miscellaneous (SILVER)

Midland Regional Fleadh Results 2010


Louis Brown
Banjo (Gold)
Mandolin (Gold)
Miscellaneous (Gold)
Guitar Accompaniment (Silver)
Grupai Cheoil (Bronze)

Sioned Murphy
Flute (Sliver)
Whistle (Bronze)
Grupai Cheoil (Bronze)


Ivan Brown
Grupai Cheoil (Bronze)

Steffan Evans
Harp (Silver)
Bodhran (Bronze)
Grupai Cheoil (Bronze)

Paige Woodward
Grupai Cheoil (Bronze)


Justin Brown
Miscellaneous (Silver)

Dave Chucas
Newly Composed Song in English (Bronze)

Edmund Duffy
Singing in English (Men) (Gold)

Sean Keane
Fiddle (Gold)

Marianne McAleer
Singing in Irish (Ladies) (Gold)
Singing in English (Ladies) (Gold)

Peter McAleer
Newly Composed Balads (Bronze)

Martin Palmer-Smith
Uilleann Pipes (Gold)

David Murphy
Banjo (Gold)
Miscellaneous (Bronze)


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