We have two regular sessions and try to be inclusive, welcoming all players of Irish traditional music on appropriate instruments.

newport-irish-club-sessionFirst Friday Session

On the first Friday of every month (with occasional changes) except August. Start at 9:00 p.m., sometimes earlier for a learners session, slowed down and suitable for all ages and abilities. Even though things heat up afterwards the session remains a good family affair.

Currently held at the St Julian Inn where we have use of a separate room away from regular custom though people are welcome the watch (and join in) if they wish. Note this is a traditional Irish music session. The sound relies heavily on melodic emphasis and it can be spoiled by unsympathetic and intrusive accompaniment. Please respect session etiquette to keep a good balance of melody and accompaniment; only join in tunes that you know unless you can play very quietly, no more than one bodhran and two guitars at a time.


Please contact us to confirm that any particular event is going to happen. By signing up to our email list you will receive notifiaction of any changes or cancellations.


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